Launch of The Reckless Shop, The Black Market SG & Elohim

27th January 2011 was an exciting day for local designers of The Reckless Shop (Reckless Ericka), The Black Market SG & Elohim by Sabrina Goh as today marks the launch of their very own boutiques at Orchard Central which are all located just side by side one another at Level 2 of OC!

Sabrina Goh :

The Black Market SG :

Reckless Ericka :

The Reckless Shop, Reckless Ericka

*The two outfits above are simply a must have! Many of the outfits from Reckless Ericka like above can be worn many ways in which the designers can explain to you or you can use ur imagination and creativity.

If you dont already know by now, Adam Lambert wore & loves the jackets designed by Reckless Ericka a quick google will show you which jackets were designed and gifted to him by Reckless Ericka! I love some of the shirts that Reckless Ericka has for guys which has interesting details, and I will definately go back on regular days to take a closer look as with the other 2 boutiques.

The clothes designed by these various local designers were exquisite and edgy which i feel definately bodes well for local fashion & designers. And I am definately sure with the opening of these 3 local designer’s boutiques that the shopping experience and shopping traffic at the OC should increase!


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