ALEXIS magazine launch party!

Style magazine beware! Theres a new kid on the block and I’m definately sure that ALEXIS would give many publications a run for their money.

I would like to thank Antoinette for inviting him to the ALEXIS magazine launch party at Rebel! It was a really fun party with different areas for guests which signifies the 3 sections of their magazine! First was the “lifestyle” area where there were games and prizes to be won, the “fashion” area where guests could take photos with 3 different sets and props and take home polaroids as souveniors (apart from the huge ALEXIS paper bags with many goodies from various sponsors) and the “beauty” area for manicures to be done!

I personally love the whole “vibe” of the magazine, its fun and edgy and i would really like to see how the magazine progresses!

Just f.y.i, ALEXIS magazine is a new magazine which targets women between the ages of 21-35 year olds in Singapore and is published 8 times a year, “the inaugural, the maiden, the first, the virgin, the launch, the debute…” of ALEXIS magazine retailing at an affordable $5.50 should be available at all major news-stands if not just trot over to your nearest Kinokuniya to get your copy!

Just a small note to the writer who didnt know what edipresse was you’ve got alot of work cut out ahead of you!

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