A.M.M.’s guide to weight loss #1

AMM struggles with weight issues like any mere mortals around the world. Who doesnt want to be slim, have a nice body and look good!? You often see on the television during interviews where celebrities/well-known personalities claims that the key to looking good is feeling good. Well thats pure BS! When you look good you feel good too!

In AMM’s inaugural post on weight loss tips, and with the Chinese New Year just being right around the corner, AMM will talk about food.

Watching what you eat is definately very important in losing weight. But never deprive youself of what you love, because the more you deprive, the more you will crave for it! Think of it this way, the more you cant have something, the more you want it! And when you do, you will tend to over-do it as you will have the mind-set that you probably wont have it anytime soon.

So what do you do when you want to watch what you eat?

Tip #1

The first tip is something you hear very often. Cut off the carbs for the meals before dinner! Because you are heading to bed, you dont need carbs for energy. You will definately feel hungrier in the morning the next day.

Tip #2

Do not eat until you feel very full, firstly when your stomach expands (and it only takes 1 meal to expand) it takes a hell-longer time for it to contract. If you feel hungry in between meals, just take small healthy snacks.

Tip #3

Allow yourself to “cheat”. For one meal a week, allow youself to eat what you love. That could be Mcdonalds or chicken rice.

Thats all for now.. till next time.


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