AMM vs Chinese horoscopes in the Rabbit year 2011

A caveat before you read on. If you do not believe in horoscopes, you can just take this as some light reading and perhaps expanding some general knowledge. For those who believes, i’m sure you will be doing your own more detailed research than this small lil general entry 🙂

With Lunar New Year looming just slightly more than a day away, many people are probably scrambling to check on their luck for the new year.

Have no fear! AMM gives a very brief overview on all animals in the Rabbit year.

First off, every year some animals offends “Tai Sui” (I will not go so much into detail about this because it’ll be way to lengthy) and the animals are the rabbit, rat, rooster, dragon and horse.

For animals who would have a good rabbit year would be the following animals, the ox will have a good all around year as with the snake and the pig (particularly good in love/relationships this year).

Wishing any readers here a very properous and smooth sailing rabbit year in advance!

XOXO A mere mortal…


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