AMM vs Weight issues

Like many of you other mere mortals like yours truly, AMM also face weight issues, but after 3 months of hardcore gymming of about 4-5 times a week, AMM has lost a fair amount of weight and buffed up!

I remember hearing somewhere “there are no fat people in the world, only lazy people”. I agree and disagree with this statement as sometimes there are some issues that people face – be it injuries that prevents people from exercising to illnesses.

Prior to working I was actually quite active in gymming and my running but once work started I let everything slip. The wake-up call was when my work clothes were all bursting at the seams and my my shirts were all being stretched to the limit – and my shirts were all slim-fit!

Keeping fit and keeping the pounds off is about making some lifestyle changes afterall, I’ve always maintained that the trick to feeling good is also looking good. No BS about how celebrities goes on and on about looking good is feeling good about yourself because thats not the reality!

For those who are keen on weight loss/dieting tips look out for AMM’s weight loss tips 🙂

XOXO .. A mere mortal..

and oh!!

Happy Lunar New Year people! A mere mortal wishes one and all a very smooth sailing and prosperous rabbit year! (by the way… doesnt harm to have more sex too! In an ode to the rabbit 😛 A great way to shed some calories)


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