AMM goes for his first bodypump class!

For the longest time I’ve been avoiding signing up with mega gym chains like California Fitness or Fitness First. Why? Simple.. to stretch my dollar! My take home pay isnt all that much especially when I want to save to go for holidays and go shopping! The gym i go only requires me to pay about $17/month which is really much lower than gyms like Fitness First which costs about $140/month.

But today AMM had the opportunity to attend bodypump class thanks to his friend bringing him in as a guest!

I actually have a new found respect for my friend who does bodypump 3x a week because what I experienced was that bodypump isnt easy at all, even for someone who has been gyming for like 4-5x a week, bodypump was uber XIONG! There were many exercises in which I had to stop to rest and catch my breath (and strength and reduce the pain!), especially when doing planks, crunches and some of the squats and deadweight lifting. Pretty much sounds like almost everything does it? But that was only half of what we did!

Thankfully i used slightly lighter weights. However, it does give me a feeling that the whole body is worked out (especially my legs) and will definately help to tone up the entire body (which is something I need as I’ve been mainly doing bulking). Anyway this brings me to the point. With a gym that I only need to pay $17/month I dont have classes like that which is really quite fun and challenging plus it does not open early enough to gym before work. After attending the class I’m actually now considering joining the gym to attend the classes they offer and as well as to be able to gym in the morning before work on days I have to work late nights.

The only thing now is to re-look at my expenses and if i can bear to part with $140/month to join Fitness First!


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