AMM helps.. you to fight the Monday blues!

GOOOOOODDD Morrrning SINGAPORE! So why does AMM sounds so cheery today? Well.. if you didnt read the subject header, AMM is here to help you fight the Monday blues!

Afterall, its the Monday after a super long weekend plus its still only the 5th day of the Lunar New Year! Going back to work after a pro-longed weekend of visiting relatives and eating steamboats and eating more of the oh-so-sinful but delicious Chinese New Year goodies isnt helping feeling blue that its now Monday and its back to work.

So here are a couple ways to combat that dreaded feeling.

Tip #1

Tell yourself its a good day! And.. if it doesnt work I wont blame you.. so you can move on to tip #2.

Tip #2

Read fail blog at its really entertaining to see some of the epic fails! And if it still doesnt work.. well duh move on to tip #3

Tip #3

If you dont like failblog why not try FML right over at ? There something about reading about other people’s misery which cheers people up.

Or if you are an optimist you can read feel good stories at

Tip #4

If all else fails, call in sick!


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