AMM talks … about horology

Horo what?? some of you might go. But the world of horology is something which intrigues me, although many of them are way out of my league in terms of being able to afford them!

As I explore this new interest/hobby perhaps people reading this can learn with me!

So what is horology? Horology is the art/science of measuring time, such as clocks and watches. When I say watches, I do not mean the likes of Casio, Nike or Addidas or that Flick Flak watches! So far from my knowledge when people generally talk about horology, they are talking about watches from manufacturers.

Manufactures is probably something that is one of the most important terms to know for one that is starting out in exploring the world of horology due to the fact that manufactures creates their own watches. When I say create their own watches I mean down to each movement and part of the watch as opposed to buying parts from different factories and piece them together.

Some famous manufacturers you should note are the following:

  • Patek Phillipe
  • A. Lange & Sohne
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Girard-Perregaux
  • Maximilian Busser (MB&F)

And recently most notably Montblanc.

For those who are keen to read up more on your own, a very good website where you can find out more is

Otherwise you can stay tuned for more about horology. The next post would be about the different types of watches.


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