AMM’s guide … to weight loss #2

Readers are encouraged to read the disclaimer here before reading this post 🙂


In AMM’s second installment on how to lose weight, AMM talks about goals and motivation. If you have experienced the following, have no fear! AMM shares his experiences and hopes you gain from it! And AMM thinks the time is apt for this post for post CNY!

So you have decided to take that step to exercise and lose that flab, and apart from the other step in watching what you eat  – read AMM’s inaugural weight loss guide here , perhaps you find that after a couple of sessions or a week or 2 you lose interest and stop exercising and you wonder how do you keep your interest? AMM feels it is quite simple and it is definately no rocket science in which it is not too hard to comphrehand.

Having goals is the very first step in keeping up the interest it can be as simple as wanting to lose weight, getting fitter – at the same time losing some flab and looking good; which is probably the reason most people would want to exercise anyway.

Another goal that is good to have is set yourself target weights to hit/lose. There are no hard and fast rules in setting a target weight and it really depends from person to person. But AMM thinks this should be another topic for another week.

AMM is guessing something that people would often leave out and the picture below will sum it all and also probably very important. No points for getting it right… It’s MOTIVATION!

Some may say and think that looking good, losing weight and being fitter is already motivation, AMM agrees it is motivation but AMM says that its not enough! A very good motivator should be backed by “feelings” or perhaps some form of emotion … something deeper … a driving factor.

AMM’s wants to get that elusive good bod; big chest, nice arms, flatter tummy/abs the works (inclusive of looking good, a by-product of sorts in having a nice bod). But why?? It is because AMM wants to be able to attract similar types of people with good bod and also to scoff at people who passed him over for not having a good bod or not even taking a second look at him and it is something that drives AMM to be motivated.

AMM hopes that this example helps you to realise the importance of the WHY. Why do you want to lose the weight? Why do you want to be fitter? Why do you want to look good? In determining the WHY, AMM hopes that you will find the driving factor to have that motivation to keep exercising and hit your goals.

In AMM’s next guide to weight loss, AMM will talk about how then to keep your interest by mixing it up when you have the motivation; as mixing it up is pivotal to reach your goals and to continue exercising or gyming.

Find that motivating factor in which will keep you motivated to reach your goals! Till next time..


A Mere Mortal


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