AMM comments… on controversial kindergarden late charges on parents

AMM supports this kindergarten for imposing fines on errant parents who are constantly late. AMM hopes other childcare centers will also follow suite!

Afterall no one likes to wait for other people, much less having to take care of someone else’s child right? Of course if its genuine reasons for being late such as if it so happens suddenly you have something to complete at work and you call up the school to inform them fines should not be imposed on these parents.

It is those that are often late and have “rubber time” that must be taught a lesson!

AMM also thinks that the person who made the comment on Channel News Asia, “if they have savings $2 is ok, but i dont have savings”. This is such a flawed arguement, and having no savings and if $2 is even more precious to you as opposed to others then dont be late!

AMM roles his eyes alot when CNA interviews people for comments. Its as if they speak before their minds think.


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