AMM comments … on death of guitar hero!

Getty images

AMM just read this on Reuters! Activision will not develop the popular music-themed game Guitar Hero! It cites ailing popularity of music-themed games as the reason for not wanting to develop the game anymore.

Seriously speaking, while fans of Guitar Hero may moan and groan and bitch about it, AMM thinks it is a very smart and strategic move not to try to push and develop something in which it it already sees a falling trend. Quite a common strategy to just take the profits and run, rather than trying to keep introducing elements to revive the life cycle of a product which may not see any profits in the long run and may even suffer losses.


On a side note, AMM is bummed to know that Human Torch died in the Fantastic Four and wondering if he is the only one who thinks Spiderman joining the Fantasic Four something totally absurd.

While the Fantastic Four needs to be a four-some, AMM just cannot picture Spiderman being part of the Fantastic Four … Spiderman just doesnt seem to be that fantastic dont you think?


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