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Just a few posts ago, AMM was ranting about engaging of bloggers to contribute on certain websites and just so happened (well it isn’t coincidental but much more one of AMM’s jobs to flip through magazines) that AMM read an article in February’s issue of Style:Men.

The article in question is “CYBERSPACE is stirring with the rapid sprouting of WATCH BLOGS. Are they becoming the new media for HORLOGERIE?” While there are no deep insights, it does hit the nail on the head with several comments from other bloggers, and AMM agrees with them.

*Excerpt from Style:Men*

Jerome Lambert (from Jaeger-LeCoultre) had recently in a recent interview with The Financial Times pointed out that bloggers are usually not professional journalists. “They are, therefore, inclined to make mistakes, give wrong information and sometimes write about things from odd angles that are not especially beneficial.”


While the article is about commenting on bloggers on the topic of horlogerie, it is still very applicable to bloggers in which people often follow.

 AMM isn’t saying that all the bloggers doesn’t do their due diligence in ensuring facts are right, but more so that the public needs to be educated in not reading and taking everything at face value. AMM will cite a very good example which are videos on youtube.

Many a times youtube videos are fake/doctored. Fake in a sense where things happened are staged and not real. AMM can recount many times in which these videos were shared by his friends and shakes his head and sometimes wonder why do people not take a closer look at the video and question on the validity of the video?

Which brings AMM back to his own disclaimer/caveat in which he wishes this blog will provoke at least some form of thoughts for the reader and/or starting points in which the readers can do their own research from.


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