AMM reports… Wykidd Song’s menswear collection

Yesterday (18th Feb) local designer, Wykidd Song held a fashion presentation of his menswear label at Old School.

Overall the concept of the fashion show was interesting, albeit it could have gone a little faster. It reminded AMM of Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2010 show, but lets not steal Wykidd’s thunder shall we?

I must apologise for the lousy images as pictures were taken from an iPhone3, AMM felt embarrased to whip out his camera to take photos *blush*

Most mere mortal likes yours truly had to seat up on the second floor and could only watch the fashion show via the projection screen, the only problem was that there was a divorce between the actual colors of the clothes and what was being projected on the screen. For example, when the model was dressed, the shirt looks black, but on the projection most people were wondering how did a black shirt become a rich purple??

With that being said, Wykidd’s menswear collection was quite amazing. Nice detailing in terms of materials used and as well as patterns! It seems however, a lil on the pricey side with T-shirts going for about $109 and the jackets starting from $499. Yikes! But sometimes one can’t put a price on fashion can we?

Wykidd’s menswear collection is available at Tang+Co Men right over at Tangs Orchard on the 3rd floor!

Otherwise theres an E-Shop at


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