AMM watches… Forever the movie

First off, AMM apologises for the lack of action here as he has been quite busy, however one of the perks of the job is that sometimes we get invited to gala premier’s or parties thanks to people whom we’ve worked together with!

This time, AMM managed to attend his 2nd ever gala premier which was for a local production called Forever, directed by Wee Li Lin.

The gala premier was quite a star studded affair with the likes of Paul Foster, Adrian Pang, Leena Salim and your local celebrity blogger Xia Xue, just to name a few who were present for the premier.

A brief synopsis of the movie is Joey (Joanna Dong) falls in love with Gin (Mo Tzi Yu) while making a video to entice singles in Singapore to get married. But everything falls apart when Cecilia (Sarah Ng) appears and shatters the dream which Joey crafted out from the video.

Though slow at parts, Forever was quite interesting, and for some parts AMM can relate to Joey for being obsessive! And perhaps some parts in which *he shall not mention*. Overall AMM thinks it is definately a local movie worth supporting.

AMM gives 3/5 popcorns, stars, thumbs up or cinema seats which ever rocks your boat.


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