AMM comments… PTM’s report on Japan’s nuclear reaction situation

AMM wonders how many people watches CNA’s Prime Time Morning. Honestly AMM is so sick of the reports of the nuclear reactor situation and especially after how PTM was trying to get “expert” opinions to comment on how it might affect the Asia region.

Firstly, AMM doesn’t see how much different your interviews or stories can be when questions being asked are the same?? i.e. “Your comments on the situation?”, “What is the situation like?”, “Are there any cause to be concerned?” or questions on the spreading of radiation to other regions in Asia.

Secondly, their “expert” wasnt all that co-operative and he is a professor in University of Melbourne, dont get me wrong, its not easy being a professor, but why are you asking someone in Austrialia about the situation in Japan!?!? Like seriously?? Is it not obvious that someone from Australia would be getting his info from sources like all we other mere mortals are getting it from?

However, AMM must add that the professer being not co-operative was a good thing for him as he knows he is unable to share much as he is too far away and his news are from what he gets from whatever sources that we get it from, other news reports or from the internet.


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