AMM comments … on a letter published in TODAY

There was a letter written by this person Aleteia Gray with the heading “No charity from stores” and the jist of the letter was that her son’s school organised a fund-raising event for Japan and when she approached businesses around her wear in the West Coast for donations many turned her down or did not respond to her.

Her chief complain is that these businesses profits all-year around and they arent charitable and even said that “companies need to acknowledge their social responsibility and offer a helping hand in unfortunate times like this”.

AMM thinks she is living in her own bubble. Just because these businesses turned her down does not mean they are not being socially responsible. Being socially responsible can take place in many forms and not just for that one cause that YOU are passionate about.

Showing that YOU are so “concerned” and “affected” and “moved” by whats happening in Japan and complaining about how businesses do not want to support you does not automatically make you a socially responsible person.

While AMM agrees that it is good to be socially responsible, there are no ways in forcing organisations to be, even if they are not, AMM thinks there are better way in finding ways for businesses to take part in causes instead of just approaching them upfront to ask for donations.


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