AMM comments… on the increasing prevalance of violence in the media

In the past, one can be assured that in Singapore media, one will not get to see much of pictures of dead bodies, nor will one see police actually firing a gun which results in killing someone on the tube.

AMM wonders what brought around the difference? After all the censoring of countless of movies and banning of TV and Movies due to extreme or excess violence, showing of dead bodies, firing of guns which results in actually killing someone on TV is now not an uncommon in the media in Singapore today.

Even Crime Watch, Singapore’s very own version of CSI will now show actual footage of people being caught, and crime scene photographs. While the role of Free-to-Air media is to educate and entertain, is the goal really to educate? Yes and no.

For sure Crime Watch was made to educate and obviously remind Singaporeans of the tough laws, essentially, it is also to promote Singapore’s police force being able to prevail although there is a tough case at present and they manage to solve it.

Anyway to come back to the point, yes, showing of dead bodies and police shooting someone and actual crime scene photos and all that jazz will shock people initially, but is that truly effective? AMM believes it is not. What really happens is that it de-sensitises people on their reaction to voilence. Once one get used to seeing dead bodies and voilence in the media, one will not get affected by it after a while.


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