AMM vs event crashers

Some online bloggers gives the blogging community a bad name, but is it really their fault because PR people puts them on a pedalstool and treat them like gods?

Either way, some online bloggers needs a reality check. In a recent event not too long ago, online bloggers were not invited due to the fact that it was the client’s directions, not because they were not important but the client wished to have a seperate bloggers only event and wanted to focus more on traditional media and online portals.

The blogger in question was obviously was not invited but somehow managed to get into the event due to having some contacts with some media. And that is still fine, the worst thing was this blogger had the audacity to make noise that they could only get a discount to shop and not a free gift and stop just short of demanding the free gift.

This is such an absolutely disgusting behaviour which gives the perception that he/she wants a free gift as opposed to having a genuine passion for writing about current events/happenings.


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