AMM vs reserved seats on public transport

AMM believes in giving up seats to people who needs it more than he does but going to the extend of waking someone up who is sleeping to virtually “demand” for a seat?

While there are specific seats marked as reserved seats, a seat is a seat is a seat. While it is socially graceful to give up the seat to those who needs it, it is definately not a must.

Everyone is all paying the same price, AMM doesnt think just because a seat is marked as reserved that, THAT seat must be given up. AMM is pretty sure other seats are just the same, no?

Shame on that person who took a photo of the guy who was sleeping and didnt want to give up his seat, and going that extra step further to e-mailing the company that poor guy was working for.

AMM feels sometimes there are other reasons why someone doesnt want to give up his/her seat. For example, perhaps they are unwell? Have injuries? Really tired and want to sleep?

Either way, senior citizens should not be “demanding” for seats and AMM feels, if he/she can run and rush for seats or rush to be the first one through the doors, he/she might not need that seat afterall.

Opinions anyone?


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