AMM laments… there never is enough time

How much time do we need? Back when before AMM went through NS and now working life, AMM thought he had all the time in the world because there was so much free time!

Now that AMM has started work, although the PR industry is fun and we get to deal with a vast variety of clients from FCMG to luxury/high-end brands also ranging from various different industry such as food to pharmaceauticals!

But anyway with that being said, after having joined the working force and the rat race, 24/hrs a day, and also 2 day weekends never seems enough! However, we dont  have much choice do we?

Life goes on, we need to earn money to survive especially when the cost of everything in the world is going up.

Money is needed to do alot of things and especially when you want to go for holidays overseas or go out shopping for clothes, clubbing & drinking with friends etc.

So we just gotta suck it up and roll with the punches.


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