AMM vs jaywalkers

Each time when AMM goes home from work he will always take a bus from Dhoby Ghaut opposite Park Mall and everytime he sees all these people who crosses that small road just for buses it pisses him off!

Why? They dont freaking look out for the buses before crossing the road although the red man is still lit! Some of them simply arent paying attention before crossing either listening to their music players or fidgeting on their phones or some simply think its their god given right to swagger slowly and act as if its uber cool for the bus to horn at them or have to brake hard just to brake in time.

Seriously. These people ought to be knocked down by the whatever vehicles if they always do this so that they learn their lessons!

Why is AMM pissed? Partly because he himself drives and feels that road safety is not just up to the drivers but  pedastrians should also take due caution in crossing the roads.

Obviously those who are behind the wheel should take or be even more cautious with these kind of people as lets just face it. When it comes to a car versus muscles & bones, there is no points for guessing who will win right?

But people who are jaywalking also need to be careful or at least RUN instead of casually walking when there is an on-coming vehicle.


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