AMM vs attention span & the chase

Actually AMM wouldnt say his attention span when taking an interest in people is short. However he has some quirks when it comes to getting to know people or people that he is interested in.

  1.  AMM usually will not go after the same person in which his friend takes an interest in (which is probably why he was so disgusted when his friend actually pulled him into a group conversation with another friend and actually told AMM that he called dips on lets just call him A for convienence sakes)
  2. If the AMM is interested in a person …  B and he finds out that B sleeps with AMM’s friend while getting to know AMM, AMM will stop all contact with B
  3. Or say if AMM has been interested in C and has been talking to him but C just became friends with his friend (who incidentaly sleeps around quite alot) courtesy of facebook. While perhaps getting to know each other on a personal basis would be fine with AMM but AMM knows that they got to know each other through a certain website which he shan’t mention here.

Wonder if anyone has similar quirks?

Overall AMM thinks he is not someone who likes to play games. Whatever happened to if you like me and if i like you, lets go out? Why is there a need for games where one acts all curt and shy or fishing games? Or chasing games?

AMM thinks he is actually a very nice guy, but as the saying goes, nice guys finish last. People likes the bad boys and goes for the bad boys but thats something AMM cant change to become.


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