AMM wonders… why indeed?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the handsome-est of them all?

AMM has got some friends whom they have recently been hitting the gym religiously like he has and have recently gotten a better bod. That friend, lets call him X, has also been taking good care of his skin recently, so his complexion has improved greatly.

However, the problem is he is become so conceited that he thinks he is god’s gift to men. AMM can’t believe the change in him or perhaps he has always been this way but just that now he has gotten a slightly nicer body with better complexion he think he is the best looking person around.

His twitter statuses when he comments on people in the MRT trains or busses or even walking around are like how ugly everyone is or how fat people are and how gross all these fat or ugly people are.

Seriously? Just because one gets a nicer complexion or have a nicer body does not make you much better than other people. Sometimes when AMM sees the people who wants to get to know or is interested in X, AMM wonders if this is something they overlook? After all <s>lust</s>love is blind right?

Having this kind of attitude actually shows how ugly that person is on the inside. Perhap AMM is jealous that there quite a few people interested in X and wants to get to know him when here AMM is struggling to even find people who seem remotely interested in him.

But AMM believes in karma and he secretly wishes that there are people out there who goes for people who are beautiful inside and out.

AMM also need to surround himself with people who are more positive and he can only try his best to cut out the negative in his life.


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