AMM … and the word of the day

The word of the day is : CHANGE

Change is good, but only if change is for the better. If it is for the worse why even change at all? Change brings about something different, a different experience and learning opportunities.

With that being said, when one learns from opportunity it enables one to change and adapt accordingly.

AMM realizes he changes easily, especially when he learns from mistakes or experience. In some ways it is a bad thing as it could mean that one is not confident in himself, but if you look at it another way it is an instinct to some. A survival tactic.

There is a saying that only the toughest survives. But what is the definition of being the toughest? The strongest? Definately not someone who is all brawn and no brain, not someone who can complete a marathon in the quickest time, but someone who is able to adapt to changes the quickest.


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