AMM shares… social media campaigns : Mcdonalds

With many brands leveraging on social media to shift their campaigns online, AMM will share the relevant social media campaigns happening right here in this lil red dot called Singapore.

The latest campaign is, yes! Mcdonalds! Definately not a surprise, but its interesting. AMM expects this to be a hit and will be come very popular in no time as contests/applications which plays on routine.

Routine is a very powerful thing especially when there is a rewawrd to look forward to. Partly because routine “rains” one to just keep doing the same thing over and over again and with Mcdonald’s contest, the prize is quite attractive as it is the full set of Coca Cola’s can glass.

Already the person leading with the most points has a score of over 900sets! Amazing. AMM has only about 12.. -.-!!

Oh yes.. you can access their facebook page at 🙂


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