AMM vs the mentally unstable blogger?

Not sure how many people have seen this due to the “boycotting” of NewPaper call by The Temesek Review if AMM remembers correctly. Anyway that would be another blog post for another day.

More about the blogger in question who was in the limelight last month due to her blog post about ACS boys (or rather ACS Inde boys) being better dates or something about a month or 2 ago and now again as she has been arrested for questionable behaviour while checkin-in at the Fairmont Hotel as well as for threatening to splash acid on someone.

Just about a couple posts ago AMM talked about famous bloggers or full-time bloggers. Well, perhaps this is her stunt and crack at being famous and to garner more “followers”. While the saying of any publicity is good publicity does not apply to most brands as many are very carefull about their image they portray, when it comes to blogging and people who want to achieve stardom in any way or means possible, any publicity IS good publicity.

So perhaps she is mentally unstable for a reason. Maybe she really is. Only she would know the answer to that and perhaps she will be having the last laugh as AMM is pretty sure more people will be following her.


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