AMM comments.. Beyonce a copycat?

Saw this on a re-tweeted tweet (doesnt that sound funny?) But anyway the re-tweeted tweet led me to which ran this article “Did Beyonce Copy This Italian Pop Star?”

After having been in PR for slightly over a year, you will realise that coming up with something absolutely original – read: never-before-done-at-all – is very difficult and for almost all times extremely costly.

Why? Because if its never-been-done-before, there might not be an existing technology available to do what you want nor perhaps the infrastructure readily available. All these would need to be researched, developed and constructed.

What matters is the way it is packaged and presented to the audience or the world.

If you take a look at the video, yes, there are similarities between the two, partly because it is the same artist AND production company (according to But was it the same? To AMM it is a definate no.

The answer is very obvious, Beyonce’s performance was a very high-energy performance with hell-a-alot of dancing and her performance if AMM dare say that her timing was almost impeccable and in sync with the video, and agrees with some of the comments that Beyonce really took it to the next level.

AMM feels there is nothing wrong with being inspired by other people and using their work as a point of reference to create your own.

Was the technology used by Beyonce and the Italian pop star something revolutionary? AMM probably thinks not and there might be more people out there who has done something similar before both of them did. And if there was someone who did, won’t that make that Italian pop star a copy cat too? 🙂

Something for people to think about.

You can read the article here which also has the video:


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