AMM comments.. on bike thefts in Singapore

AMM has heard about many bike thefts that happened over in the East side in Singapore. Will not comment on who they are or their Nationality/race as AMM is afraid that he might be arrested 😛

Anyhows, most of them are so daring that they would climb/walk through fences and right up to the doors and windows of the private houses to peer through to see if there is anyone at home. 

Below is a video of someone who chased after a bike theft who initially wanted to steal his bike but ended up stealing someone else’s.

Definately very dangerous that he used his car to force the thief off the road as many things can happen if he actually fell infront of the car.. but kudos to his preserverance in running after the guy for about 2km after running him off the road and actually catching him in the end!


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