AMM’s guide to weight loss #3

AMM apologises for the delay in the 3rd installment in his guide to weight loss.

Anyhooo, in AMM’s guide to weight loss #2, he talked about motivation and goals. So what now when you have a motivation or goal that will keep you determined?

You might want to know how do you start to exercise to start losing weight well.. there are many options that you can choose which requires no money to joining gyms that you need to pay monthly membership for. There are several benefits to each one of them and AMM will go through them.

Option 1

This would be great for people who do not want to spend money or as little money as possible. All you need is a pair of running/sport shoes and an attire to exercise in.

For this option, there are many ways to exercise without spending money or much money. What you can do is to do a simple 30min walk/jog around your estate for starters. Cardio is great for burning fats and the fastest.

Other exercises you can do would be jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups and also some stretches, lunges etc. Try to search for variatons to crunches and pushups that you can do to make it interesting.

Also if you can swim, going to a public pool to do laps will be a good change to walking or jogging as swimming will use slightly different muscle groups and very good for overall toning.

Option 2

Please note that this is for the ladies only! Why is this for the ladies only? Simply because they are women only gyms! Yup! If you (a girl) is embarrassed at going to the gym where there are guys, fret not! Theres about currently 3 choices to choose.

These gyms generally offer 30min circuit training classes where one moves from station to station within that 30mins and generally you would have to follow the rythm of the music. Some of them would also offer other classes like perhaps Les Mills Body Vive or other Les Mills programmes.

Contours Express:


Amore Fitness:

Option 3

This option would be the most common but it is best recommended that you have some friends to go with. It would be joining the mass gyms such as California Fitness, True Fitness or Fitness First.

Each of this 3 options has their pros and cons.

California Fitness: This is the cheapest of the 3. As it is the cheapest it is the most mass with the most number of people visiting their outlets and feedback from AMM’s friends are that it is always very crowded.

True Fitness: This would be considered “mid-range” amongst the 3. So far have not heard anything bad about this but the plus point would be that if you like yoga, you can have their yoga + gym package.

Fitness First: This is the most expensive. Definately more for people who are willing to part with about $142/month. Definately not as crowded and having their “passport” membership gets you access to all their gyms which is great as you can hop around to their various gyms which is more convenient for you at different times of the day/week

Pure Fitness: AMM does not know much about this gym as its still fairly new being in Singapore for about 6months? AMM has heard though that they are good for their yoga. However other comments are that membership prices keeps going up. Probably a good point would be that it doesnt seem to be very crowded.

Option 4

This option would be for people who want something exteremely different from the 3 options above.  This would be smaller, more niche gyms or training institutes which offers a different type of exercise experience.

For niche gyms, AMM wouldnt be able to offer much advise here. But he is able to reccomend alternative options for this.

Crosfit Hub:  Kettlebell trainings is becoming quite popular these days and it is supposed to be very effective.

Speed Institute: This is a very specialised sports training instutite with various programs.

AMM hopes you would be able to find a option that suits you! All the best.



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