AMM laments.. on growing up

Growing up is a funny thing.

AMM used to always be the youngest among the group when he hung out with others. He used to be one of those young kids who generally when was young was like an older soul, but now that he has grown up slightly and has started work since. He realised how immature he was at that age, thinking he was mature!

Recently during a gathering there was a relatively young kid who was the youngest of the group (Now AMM isnt the youngest anymore for most outings!), was speaking as though he was 30 and he has gone through so many experiences in life but in actual fact thats just the starting – as AMM has also realised that there is so much more to experience as you get older.

AMM can understand that young boy’s views and the stage he was at, although AMM did not go as far as the young boy did in experimenting in some experiences, AMM knows what it is like.

Anyway, when AMM was younger, never did he think he would be thinking about his future, and about his career. Although AMM likes being in the PR industry, it might not be something he will be continuing after the next 5 years.

It is a little sad but there are bigger plans out there.



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