AMM rants… on irritating people in the gym

There are many kinds of irritating people in the gym and there will never be an end to this!

Firstly are those who cant be bothered to put things back where they belong and or after they have used it. Example? The free weights are the best example as generally they are neatly stacked according to their weight on racks, people who uses it will bring it to a bench which is probably not more than 10-15 steps. Issit really that hard to put things back after using it?? AMM himself grew up with help but even he knows how to put things back where they are.

Secondly, bloody mother fuckers who comes late for combat class and stand right beside you even when theres somewhere else that has more space! Now, combat class is one where you need alot of space to punch, kick, jump, shuffle and move around whether is it kicking to the front or back, shuffling forwards, backwards and either sides. If the class is already quite full dont fucking squeeze and make everyone’s life miserable!

There was once AMM was so pissed he was so tempted to kick the day lights out of those people and say that its their fault for standing so close and squeezing into the class. PFFT!

Ultimately, the moral of the story is that one should be more conscious of others. Please wake up and know that the world does not revolve around you.


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