AMM comments on.. evolution of the blogosphere

Anyone remember way back when blogging was something new and it was used as an online journal? It was slightly more than 10years ago in 1999 when it became popular and when many people started sharing their lives on the WWW.

Fast-forward to the present, and my-oh-my how much blogging has changed. A blog is no longer just that simple blog which someone talks abt his own life, but now a blog can be a shop, a political commetary or even a full-time job!

Blogs are relatively easy to set up, and sites like WordPress is easily customizable and with it being an open source, can power websites. So ti is extremely common to see why people start blogging and there are many bloggers who blogs about fashion to be on a fast track to get that much coveted invites to exclusive events.

Afterall who does not want to appear in or at least be part of and mingle with the elite of the society? Partly also fueled by brands who are chasing after bloggers to cover their brands, latest collections and other happenings.



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