AMM vs … being under the weather

AMM hates feeling under the weather. It is not being sick that he hates, but the fact that he is unable to go to the gym!

Falling ill is one of the pitfalls and hurdles which can impede the whole gyming routine and getting fit as it is hard to pick it up again. There was once where AMM had made huge strides in his fitness a few years ago as he wanted to “debut” his nice body during his birthday at the clubs, but as it came to his birthday Month (AMM’s birthday is during the month-end), AMM came down with high-fever and flu at the start of the month!

He was effectively out-of-commission the entire month and he put back on alot of weight which was helluva demoralising and disappointing. AMM hopes he will feel better soon as he really wants to keep his gym routine going.


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