AMM and… a matter of being overly considerate

AMM is not one to blow his own horn, even though he likes to talk about and refer to himself in third person.

While being considerate is a good trait to have, being overly considerate is not a very good thing as what happens is that one bottles a hell lot things up. There are times which AMM wants to just scream out loud to let all frustrations out but before AMM screams, the first thing that always pops into his mind is whether he will disturb other people, or how that will affect other people.

When AMM wants to have the focus on himself for once and not on others, as he  always put a lot of people before himself, he thinks that it is too selfish a thing to do.

So what do we do in this case? AMM thinks in some instances would be just to turn to blogging to let everything out and just hope that it is enough.


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