AMM vs… weight issues

While this is not really a guide as AMM has been talking about how to lose weight and weight issues and that he himself has been exercising and losing weight. He felt that he should show some proof of his own weight loss as opposed to just putting in figures here which people may not belief.

So just how much weight did AMM lose?

Before at 69 kg

After at 56 kg







AMM was 69kg when he first started gyming in December and in 6 months, he lost a total of 13 kg by May. He is now about 67 kg as he is trying to build muscle mass. 

So yes, AMM walks the talk and to a certain extent he does know what he is talking about when he is giving advise as he has been there and done that! AMM knows how it feels being fat with all his clothes bursting at the seams and people telling him how fat he was.

Some may say that 69kg isnt fat at all, but AMM really isnt all that tall. He is really really short for a guy!

AMM hopes that by showing this before and after photo, people will be inspired 🙂


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