AMM attends… Sh’Bam launch in Fitness First Singapore!

Today, Fitness First launched their Sh’bam class in Singapore! Sh’bam is a dance class by Les Mills and it made its debut in Singapore today at Paragon.

At first AMM was really apprehensive as he had made a fool out of himself during BodyJam class because he couldn’t co-ordinate his arms and legs! Many times he just stood there looking like some idiot or had to just move at the same direction with the rest of the class to avoid bumping into people or people bummping into him.

Anyway.. enough of bodyjam but on to Sh’bam! Sh’bam is quite easy to follow and it was really fun! Its a very cardio dance class and you’ll definately sweat loads just as AMM did! Definately one of the few dance classes that you can get a natural high dancing to popular songs like Shakira’s Waka Waka or Taio Cruz dynamite!

So far AMM has to admit he hasnt regretted joining Fitness First although it is on the pricey side of about $142++/month for a passport membership that gets you passage to all the FF gyms in Singapore.


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