AMM comments.. On Paula Abdul in Singapore!

So Paula Abdul was in Singapore recently for the grand opening of Universal Studio’s Singapore (about time it “officially opened isnt it?). Well, it was better to be officially opened 1 year later as there were so many problems with the rides and all, so it all had better be smooth running.

Anyway, what AMM wants to talk about was how Paula Abdul didnt check out the high-end luxury stores but local designers instead! One of the local designers Paula Abdul loved was Renee Leung’s dress which Denise Kellar wore and she recommended Paula to go to Renee’s boutique!

For those that do not know who Renee is, Renee is a designer that mainly designs evening gowns and wedding dresses and she designs for many local celebrities and is quite popular among them.

Paula also visited several other non-high-end or luxury stores which featured local designers and she bought a couple of them because she loved how it fits her!

Not that surprising considering how petite she is as Asian cutting should definately fit her right?

Kudos to the local designers! Hopefully Paula will wear the local designer’s stuff on X Factor and help the local designers to propell to the world!

Renee’s website can be accessed via this link :

Source: TNP and ST Urban


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