AMM vs fashion issues

AMM doesnt reject big brands such as your Prada, Bottega etc etc.. he does like some of them but feels that alot of items does not justify the cost.

What AMM likes are smaller, lesser known brands or even local designer brands like Wykidd Song’s menswear line, Elohim by Sabrina Goh and also ATZU. Fashion doesnt always have to be about the big brands, AMM thinks its what suits you and what you like personally.

Anyway with that being said, AMM went shopping today and he browsed through many items but is sorely disappointed at whats available in the stores here in Singapore.

Its supposed to be the Great Singapore Sale with crazy sales.. but what are sales when theres no nice stuff to buy?!??! In the end AMM ended up at Heeren (although alot of stores are closed) AMM managed to get some nice stuff from 77th Street.. a local brand by Elim Chew.

Anyway.. AMM suppose nothing really compares to shopping in Taiwan and he hopes he will get to go back there at the end of the year.


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