AMM comments… Li Na wins the French Open!

Wow.. the first thing AMM noticed when he came home and switched on the computer was that Li Na won the French Open!

AMM was expecting Schiavone to win as she has been a very tough clay court opponent and especially when she won her maiden grand slam on the very same court last year and was also expected to retain her crown since she reached the finals.

What an upset this is! AMM is certain that now that Li Na has won her first grand slam title in the French Open since reaching the finals for the Australian Open earlier this year that we will definately see a bigger boom of tennis players from China.

Li Na was definately a maverick as she was the first player from China to break away from the strict regime of the Chinese Tennis Federation (not sure if its called that. but yeah) to go solo without the “national” team and all the coaches that they have. It was quite a long and tough road for her but it certainly paid off.

Kudos to Li Na.


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