AMM shares… size enhancing speedos!

Who says the men doesnt get it??

Introducing the size-enhancing speedos from.. you guessed it right! CHINA!

Picture: taobao

Guys do get self conscious about their *ahem* assets too for the clueless girls out there. Especially so for gay guys where size really does matter.. sometimes. Especially when it comes to looking sexy in that tight pair of speedos that they like to don at the pool or by the beach. 

They <s>sometimes</s> ok.. most times will feel embarrassed for having a small buldge but it something that AMM doesnt really know what it feels like.. heheh. AMM has been quite blessed to be decently endowed (for those who might want to know).
Anyway, their woes has been answered with this fab “invention” by China!

Picture: Taobao

Now isnt this amazing? Looks quite natural too. No? 

Whats more is that its only being sold for 53 rmb! At least it seems that this is what it is stated in their website.

Visit if you want to check out the website!


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