AMM shares.. amazing wedding videos!

Of late super romantic wedding proposals has been a hit and each one topping the other in terms of the scale of the proposal and to the extend one would go to make the proposal something which would be very unique and will be remembered for a very long time.

Take this following proposal for instance.

It was quite amazing watching the proposal. But when a proposal meets a wedding, the following video takes the cake of being the most insane proposal ever and the largest scale ever!

Of course we cant beat the engagement announcement of Prince William and Kate (Newly titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and their wedding, seriously, everyone wants to be a prince or princess right?? What are fairy tales for??

But us Mere Mortals… sometimes we gotta just settle for second best. But no one ever said second best still cant be unique and memorable and be considered one of the best proposals or most romantic weddings/proposals. No one.

AMM thinks he has said too much.. so just watch the vid below.


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