AMM vs running barefoot

Recently AMM saw an article on running barefoot and it got him interested in exploring what was discussed in the article.

One thing that AMM would like to say first and foremost is that this guy wants to run barefoot because he saw that people in Afica was running in just thin sandals or something along the lines and because he has read somewhere about the benefits of running barefoot and because Aficans can do it, and thats why he took it up.

If you have the same train of thought, AMM highly suggests and reccomends that you do not try barefoot running.  The reason(s) are simple.

  1. Some Aficans may not be as affluent or able to afford shoes like we do through out our lives
  2. Because we’ve been wearing “comfortable” shoes almost all our lives, we are not used to running barefoot

As AMM has always stressed that you must conduct your own research properly, which is precisely why AMM started this blog. Not only to have an outlet to vent his frustration, but to also share information in which people might be interested in as a point of reference or a starting point in which they can do their research on.

While barefoot running has its dangers (stepping on glass, nails etc), perhaps one can consider minimalist running shoes that Nike has. AMM isnt too sure about other brands but its those without heels.

The article that AMM read has one very good point through, which mentioned about running techniques which AMM wants to do more research on as he is thinking of joining Standard Charted Marathon at the end of the year! Not the full marathon but the half marathon as he only has enough time to train for that.

Anyways, AMM will share more when he has done some more research on barefoot running or minimalist shoes as well as running techniques.

In the mean time, barefoot running is definately not for everyone as you may or may not be able to take it.  You have to know what is right for you and please, AMM cannot stress more that you have to do your own research in case you injure yourself.


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