AMM & Maccas’s coke float & chocolates

Wow.. looking at the site stats everyday many people are searching for Mcdonald’s 1-for-1 coke float!

AMM has tried it the other day but it didnt hit the spot. But what AMM has been craving for is chocolate!!

Awhile back AMM and his colleagues popped by The Patissier to buy some cakes to eat back in the office during our break (our break is usually spent infront of the computer typing furiously away by the way..). And we decided to get the Chocolate Fudge cake.

What ensued was .. AMAZING! It sparked a chocolate eating frenzy which just cant be satisfied and even after trying a couple of “good” chocolate cakes.. nothing beats The Patissier’s Chocolate Fudge cake.

Picture: The Patissier

A mark of a cook cake is also when you buy it for a birthday party where there are alot of people who would eat the cake and finish it. So AMM decided to get a 1kg Chocolate Fudge cake for about $81 and everyone commented that it was amazing!

As the birthday was celebrated in a club, there were a few other birthdays as well.. but what happened with the other cakes was that even the person celebrating their birthdays just only had 1 bite and threw it away!

Everyone had 2nd even 3rd helpings to the Chocolate Fudge cake.  If that doesnt tell you how good it is, AMM doesnt know what will!



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