AMM & Nokia’s Black Box

AMM attended the opening of Nokia Black Box.

An interesting event which featured several prominent people in Singapore’s design & fashion industry with the likes of Skye Tan, Joshua Cheung, Ivanho Halim and many more!

Most of the exhibitions were used based on the Nokia N8 phone, through taking photos or using Nokia phones as the inspiration behind their creations. Be it fashion photography in which Skye Tan or Stefan Khoo are known for, or to fashion it self in design or styling with Flesh Imp and Joshua Cheung were among those being featured.

Its interesting how Nokia is trying to claw itself back into a market in which is has recently been dominated by 2 fruits – the apple and the blackberry.

Nokia Black Box:

Date: 17-19th June

Time:: 10am-10pm

Cost: Free to public

Venue: 30 Maxwell Road (Behind Red Dot Museum at the Public Car Park)

Below are some pictures of the exhibition for you to enjoy.


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