AMM & Zouk Wardrobe 2011

For those in the know, Zouk Wardrobe 2011 was held yesterday which featured 2 local brands, Ownmuse and Wander Wonder.

AMM doesnt have much comments on Ownmuse as he is no expert in women’s fashion but the collection by Wander Wonder is loves!! AMM loves the detailing on the shirts and especially the reversible, 2-sided jackets! Definately a bang for your buck if you want 1 jacket which can be reversed to transform to another colour!

Its a pity AMM didnt bring a better cam and he had to rely on his trusty iPhone to take the pictures.

Apparently, the collection from Wander Wonder will be available next week!! Cant wait to check it out 🙂


Wander Wonder:

Check out the pictures AMM took below. There are one or 2 from Ownmuse for those who wants to see what they showed.


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