AMM & Pink Dot 2011

Last year, AMM was a volunteer at Pink Dot as a photographer as his friend was looking for help. But this year, AMM decided to be a participant with his friends for Pink Dot as when he wanted to volunteer his services in other areas, it was a tad late.

Some brief background for those who dont know what Pink Dot is.

Basically.. Pink Dot = Support for freedom to love, regardless whether you are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Straight.

Love is a human emotion that everyone wants and is usually constantly searching for in that special someone. Whatever your sexuality, gender or race, you have the right to love.

Last year’s Pink Dot saw over 4,000 people forming the  dot.

Picture: Pink Dot Singapore

 This year however, saw over 10,000 people donning the color of the day; pink, in support for the freedom to love.

Picture: Pink Dot Singapore

The amount of people who came out to support for this event was amazing! Friends and family of the GLTB were out in force and it is a really comforting show of support. The differences between the two pictures were astounding!

As someone who grew up different in hard circumstances of being different, there was always a fear of being ostricised and not being accepted by the public. While AMM has come a long way, AMM knows that society is changing and is becoming more accepting or tolerant of the GLTB community.
Google, this year became the first ever international company that came out to support this local event. AMM hopes more will support the event next year!
From a humble Singaporean initiative for the GLTB, Pink Dot this year even reached the international stage where even New York, Montreal and Alaska organised their own local versions of Pink Dot.
The gah-ment has always urged local entities to think global. While Pink Dot was meant to be local, it certainly went global and put Singapore on the map once again!
To the organisers of Pink Dot and the amazing group of people behind it, if you do happen to read AMM’s humble blog, he wants to thank you for coming up with this amazing event and propelling the momentum of acceptance and tolerance of the GLTB community to greater heights and pushing forward.
To end things off, AMM will try to share some highlights of the event when he gets some pictures. For those who have missed watching the Pink Dot 2011 video directed by Boo Jun Feng here it is as well.

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