AMM comments.. on the Pejazzle

You might be going Pe-what?? If you’ve heard of the Vajazzle, the Pejazzel is for the guys, but AMM knows it would be mainly the gay boys that will be going gaga over this item!

Why? AMM thinks the picture is rather self-explainatory.

Picture: Vajazzle Me UK

This is definately one for the queens but he wont be too surprised if the straight/adventurous ones does it and it certainly takes the meaning of disco sticks to new heights.

The pejazzle can be purchased from between £6-£9 and it is definately recommended that one should either (a) shave or (b) wax! It will be a very sticky situation as it requires some sticking.

Apparently this guy called Mark Wright of an UK TV Show called “The Only Way is Essex” has been chosen to be the face of the pejazzle and is a pejazzler himself as confessed by him.

This is what he has to say…

“Men wear diamond watches and bling earrings – this is no different. Think of it just like a crystal tattoo – and it’s less permanent than a real one. Any good looking bloke can wear Pejazzles… Prince William perhaps?”

There are several designs for the pejazzle with it coming in a red lips design or iron cross.



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