AMM Shares: Nike Fastinista Workshop

Recently Nike Singapore held a workshop called the ‘Fastinista’ Workshop, where style guru Lionnel Lim shared some style advice on how to combine function and fashion together! Being an ex-sportsman myself, I do want to look good even when I’m an all sweaty mess. Who doesn’t?

Here are some tips that were shared by Lionnel:

“Most runners dress for function. But today, we can see a trend in more runners dressing with style consciousness”, said Lionnel.

“Nike’s products are both functional and stylish. The collection has the versatility to mix-and-match such that a runner can perform as good while looking good. It is all about mixing and matching appropriately. Layering adds definition to an outfit. And it provides the opportunity to transform an outfit from a run with friends, to a post-run gathering”, added Lionnel.

Pictures from the workshop:


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