May the birds be with you

If you own an iPhone, you definitely know how popular Angry Birds is! From a simple iPhone game of shooting 5 birds from a catapulte to get revenge on pigs, to spin of merchandise and a succession of games like Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Space etc. Here comes the latest Angry Birds Star Wars!

A partnership between Finnish video game developer Rovio and Lucasfilm, one might expect just a simple skin outfitting with Star Wars characters, but no!

Without spoiling too much fun, the iconic red little guy is Luke Skywalker who is wields a lightsabre (after a couple of levels), and with a touch of the screen, he is able to slash through most objects in his path.The black bird is Obi-Wan, who is able to use the force to push objects. The rest is up to you to discover!

Credit: Rovio Entertainment

Overall it is a great marriage of two brands each maintaining their unique characteristics and feel, although the only negative review would be the size of the maps which makes it a little difficult.


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