Marijuana legal in Washington State!

Ever since working in the PR industry, I believe that PR is a great asset for any organisation to have. Benefits are boundless if used correctly. Take for example Seattle Police Department when marijuana is set to be legalised for personal use from December 6 2012.

Ahead of the laws taking effect, Seattle Police Department has released a guide called “Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use in Seattle”. With this guide, Seattle P.D. certainly is taking the bull by the horns by addressing many issues upfront in a fun manner.

The best part is that they even posted a video at the end! Which can be watched here:


3 thoughts on “Marijuana legal in Washington State!

    • I’m inclined to agree with you that a guide of this nature, and coming from a government website that it should be in a more serious tone.

      While I am by no means an expert on Americans and how they are like, even more so for a specific state. But how many times do you (or lets take the average person out there) read a guide that is so straight laced with a formal tone through and through and you actually get through reading it with majority of the information getting in?

      • I just saw your answer! Really sorry to reply late but yes you are right when it is too formal and as it is written with a technical language, most of the time we don’t understand the document. However, when it is written more “simply” it is easier for the reader to get the message. Finally, they were maybe right to write it this way (you changed my mind) but it is true that it is weird to read an important document written in an informal way.

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